Android Armour Antivirs 有詐騙行為,請使用智慧型手機的朋友留意




下午時,信用卡公司果真撥電話給我了,我說我沒刷,被盜刷,請信用卡公司停止扣款,但信用卡公司說,這要商店處理才行,我就追問,是哪邊刷的,他說是刷App,這時我就想到我之前裝的那Android Armour Antivirs,在手機裡找了老半天,終於找到了,看到客服信箱,就寫信去問...

如下是我與Android Armour Antivirs客服的mail資訊





Why do brush my credit card,
Deduction of NT $ 115 yuan
I did not use,
Please help me to cancel with the brush-off that amount to


Android Armour Antivirs回,意思是說一週0.99美元,4週3.96美元,約等於台幣115元,並要我提供一些信用卡資料


Thank you for contacting Android Armour Customer Support.

The charge you are seeing from Android Armour. Android Armour is an antivirus application designed to protect your android device from viruses, malware, and ad-ware. This service is a weekly subscription. The cost of this application is $0.99 for the first week, subsequent weeks will be billed at $0.99 weekly or grouped together every four weeks as a single charge of $3.96. This will be billed automatically to the payment method provided.

We would be happy to give you more information about the Android Armour account linked to your device. If you can provide the following information we can access the Android Armour account linked to your card information and answer any further questions you may have.

•       First 6 digits of the credit card linked to your account
•       Last 4 digits of the credit card linked to your account
•       The Expiration date of the card

We hope the above information was helpful and we look forward to your response.


Android Armour Customer Support



I don't want to use this app,please stop this service.
And the charge for every week $0.96,I don't know.

•       First 6 digits of the credit card linked to your account ==> XXXXXX
•       Last 4 digits of the credit card linked to your account ==> XXXX
•       The Expiration date of the card   ==> XX/XXXX


Android Armour Antivirs回,他叫我到設定裡的應用程式去刪除App


Thank you for contacting Android Armour Customer Support.


We’re sorry to see you go. This is to confirm that the service linked to account numberoblso2rwhm has been canceled as of December 11th, 2012.

To uninstall the application, if you have not done so already:

1.      Open the Android menu
2.      Click on “Settings”
3.      Click on “Applications”
4.      Click on “Manage” or “Manage Applications”
5.      A list of your applications will appear. Scroll through until you see “Android Armour” and then click on it
6.      Click on Force Stop, then “Uninstall”

We value your feedback and would appreciate it if you would take a moment and let us know why you decided to discontinue our service. Simply reply to this email and copy and paste the appropriate response from the following:

•       Cost of  Android Armour was to high
•       My phone has pre installed anti-virus software
•       Technical issue – (please specify)
•       Not what I was expecting – (please specify)
•       Found another Antivirus software I prefer – (please specify)
•       Other – (please specify)

If your situation should change in the future and you decide to download another Anti-Virus application we hope that you will remember Android

Thank you again for contacting us, and let us know if you have any further questions!



I have uninstalled App.


















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